Rutgers's Abusive Ex-Coach Is Coaching 7th Grade Girls

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Because, really, what could go wrong with a man who was fired for evidence of abuse — for kicking his 18-year-old male players, chucking basketballs at their heads, and using anti-gay slurs — moving on to supervise your 12-year-old daughter? "Mike Rice still has a team to run," reports The New York Post's Zach Braziller. "The hardcourt hothead was back on the sidelines yesterday, guiding his seventh-grade daughter's Amateur Athletic Union team in a tournament in Holmdel, NJ." For the unfamiliar, Rice made news earlier this month after a video obtained by ESPN showed him harassing his players on the Rutgers men's basketball team; the school fired him as well as its athletic director, but Rice continues to coach AAU, the top amateur recreational league for teenagers, which often features prominent parent coaches.

So clearly Rice is allowed to coach his daughter, but questions about his behavior still linger, and the debate about whether his coaching style was abusive or amplified now appears to apply to even younger players. Deadspin offers a particularly worrisome account: Citing tweets from Brian Geltzeiler, who runs the  basketball blog Hoops Crititic, Deadspin's Greg Howard wrote, "he's still acting fucking insane."

The good news, we suppose, is that there are conflicting reports about Rice's behavior. "As far as him acting improper in any way, that's not true," a coach told The Post. A mother of one of the team's nine players added: "Mike is doing this because this is what he does. This is what he loves." Rice's team went 2-1 in the weekend tourney.

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