Rich Lady Accused of Bad Table Manners

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According to this EXCLUSIVE report in the New York Post, real estate heiress Joselyn Wohl has been accused of stabbing her life coach in the hand with a fork.

This is not the first time Wohl is alleged to have attacked a member of her coaching team: in December, her sobriety coach Heather McKean sued her for throwing her down a flight of stairs. Said McKean's lawyer:

"One day Joselyn made up her mind she didn't want Heather around anymore and attacked her on the stairwell and yanked her down the stairs."

In all fairness, I might've done something like that too when I decided I didn't want my little brother around anymore. I was six at the time. Wohl is thirty-three. 

Wohl's latest accuser, Sajjadur Rahman, says he was having dinner with Wohl last September when she apparently just couldn't help herself and stabbed him with her fork "without just cause or provocation." And she really got him, too: according to Rahman's attorney, a piece of the fork is still stuck in Rahman's finger.

No word yet on whether or not Wohl punctuated the alleged attack with a triumphant "Fork you!"


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