Obama Expects Alabama to Keep Rolling

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For the third time in four years, President Obama greeted head coach Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide football team to the White House for the annual photo op and gear exchange. "I was thinking about trying to find some cots for them here, they are here so often," the President said. He admitted not finishing watching last year's national title game, when the team booked another trip to Washington with a 42-14 victory over the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Like most people, the President changed the channel after 'Bama went up by 28 in the second quarter. "With four more years here, I expect I might just see these guys again before I leave," the President said. 

Even Saban knows how ridiculous their frequent trips to Washington are, who joked that the President has a full uniform and gear now after three years of handshaking and gift giving — enough to probably attend spring practice next week. "We should keep my minutes short," the President said. 

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