New York Fleet Week Is Officially Scuttled by the Sequester

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The evil sequester has claimed its latest victim as the U.S. Navy has announced a full retreat from the annual Fleet Week celebration in New York City next month. Originally scheduled for the last week of May, the Navy now says they aren't just scaling back, but will actually be sending zero ships to New York Harbor that week and "no additional Sailors or Marines." (No Coast Guard, either.) All school trips and planned activities for the week are officially canceledAny members of the service who happen to be there can still participate in any random events that might be happening, but like ... what's the freaking point?

It's not just a blow to horny singles looking score a man or woman in uniform, either. New York City estimates that Fleet Week activities—which fills the harbor with Naval Vessels and fills the streets with about 6,000 service members on mass shore leave—generate about $20 million in economic activities for the city.

The great irony of course is the economic damage is part of a plan designed to save money, since the event is being scrapped because of the government's sequestration. All non-essential military events and programs are being cut back and despite the boost it would give to morale and the local economy, Fleet Week might be the biggest victim so far.

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