Meet the Man Who Witnessed Both the Boston Bombing and the Waco Explosion

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It's been a pretty tough week for everybody in America, but it's been other-worldly for Joe Berti — and not in a good way either. The Texas native witnessed both the Boston Marathon bombing and the Waco explosion. "I'm like, 'Honey, what is with your luck? Why are you in all of these places?" his wife told the Associated Press. "Maybe he just needs to stand in an open field."

Berti could use some peace and quiet. The 43-year-old ran the Boston Marathon for charity and crossed the finish line only seconds before the bombs went off. Luckily, neither Berti nor his wife Amy was hurt by the blast, though a woman standing next to Amy lost her leg. Having lived through the chaos that followed, he was happy to return home to Texas. On Wednesday, Berti — who lives near Austin — was driving home from Dallas when he saw smoke on the horizon near Waco. Seconds later the explosion that registered as a 2.1-magnitude quake on seismographs shook his truck. Berti couldn't believe it: "I was just like, 'I can't believe this!'" He thought, "I just want to get out of here and get away from all these explosions."

Some might call this bad luck, but Berti disagrees. After all, it's pretty extraordinary to be so close to two massive explosions like those we've seen this week and walk away unscathed. He's one of kind, one luck son of a gun! Well, not exactly. "You know who's not impressed by the guy who witnessed the Boston bombing and Texas explosion?" Gizmodo's Sam Biddle tweeted after the AP published its story on Berti. "This guy."

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