Map: Key Locations in the News of the Boston Marathon Bombing

Where the blasts occurred, the race course, reports of other devices.

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We're mapping locations central to the Boston Marathon bombing. If you have suggestions for additions, please leave them in the comments. The map is zoomed in on the location of the explosions; zoom out to see other items.
  • Race course and finish line. The race came in from Commonwealth Avenue, down Hereford Street, then turning left onto Boylston Street. The finish line was in front of the Boston Library.
  • Blast locations. The two blasts occurred along that final stretch, the first closer to the finish line then the second near the intersection of Ring Road and Boylston.
  • Apartment search in Revere. Officials from the FBI, ATF, and Boston police and fire searched the apartment of a "person of interest" in a town northeast of the bombing site until late last night.
  • Additional devices. The Times reports that several additional unexploded devices were found. One, near the explosions, was destroyed in a controlled detonation. Another was reportedly found in Newton, Mass., which hosted part of the race — though that report has been disputed.
  • The Fairmont Copley Hotel staging area. The hotel, near the Plaza was cleared and used for treating the wounded.
  • JFK Library fire. After a police scanner reported an confirmed explosion, JFK Library officials tweeted that the fire there was not related to the bombing.
  • Evacuated buildings on Boylston Street. A hotel and the nearby convention center were evacuated.
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