Did This Instagram Tackler Really 'Get' the Lone Star Mass-Stabber?

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Since the stabbing that wounded 14 people at a Houston-area college Tuesday, one person on social media has been taking some of the credit for apprehending the 21-year-old suspect from Lone Star College. Fellow student Steven Maida, who goes by "cheesin365" on Instagram, posted the following photo, claiming "me and this kid got em." He added the hashtags "#lonestarstabbing #fuckthiskid #copsaretooslow." 

KHOU-11 News in Houston reports this is the suspect, whom officials have not identified:

Note the hair color. 

Maida talked with Shepard Smith on Fox News this afternoon, and described seeing victims and chasing the suspect. He told Smith that the suspect's weapon, which police have yet to confirm but which had been speculated as an exacto knife or a scalpel or even a pencil, was a "regular knife" — and that he and a "James" had teamed to tackle the suspect, who said "I give up," according to Maida. "I was screaming at this guy," Maida said. James was interviewed in the ABC13 video posted here

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On his Twitter account, @StevenMaida (or "cheesin") posted the following — and engaged in conversation with media organizations: 

A few minutes later "cheesin" introduced a third would-be hero to a confusing day in Texas:

We reached out to the Harris County Sheriff's Office, where the director of public affairs told us via email they could not confirm these accounts.

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