Great News! Only Two More Days of Terrible Flight Delays

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This really is spectacular news, because airports are the worst be design, but the Federal Aviation Administration isn't waiting for the President's signature on that bill to fix the sequester-caused furloughs that were making everything so much worse. Your airport experience will go back to its normal levels of awful starting on Sunday evening. 

The FAA announced Saturday they would suspend the furloughs and restore airport service to its pre-sequester levels of service beginning Sunday evening. There is a slight hold-up keeping the bill the Senate approved late Thursday evening and the House approved on Friday from becoming official, though. There's a typo on the Senate version of the bill that needs to be fixed before it goes to the President's desk. (They have to add a pesky -s somewhere.) But that should be cleared up by Tuesday and doesn't have an effect on the FAA. They're free to go ahead and restore the service ahead of the President's approval. 

The furlough's hadn't kicked in until this week, causing numerous delays and never-ending customs lineups at airports across the country. In fact, this writer's flight to New York City last Tuesday was delayed for an hour after we already boarded our plane because of "federal government cutbacks," they told us. So we're happy the government got around to fixing this problem, but kind of wish they could have done it a bit sooner. Like before last Tuesday, perhaps.

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