Colorado Murder Case Leads to More White Supremacist Connections

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Even though the man who is believed to have killed the head of Colorado's prison system was also shot and killed by police, authorities say they are now on the lookout for two more members of his white supremacist gang. Sheriffs in Colorado say they are hoping to find two "known associates" of the 211 Crew, the same whites-only gang that has proliferated in the state's prison system, and that accused murder Evan Ebel reportedly belonged to.

Investigators have not accused the two men of taking part in the murder of Department of Corrections director Tom Clements, and they aren't even actively searching for them at this time. But they have issued a "be on the lookout" alert to other law enforcement agencies after both their names came up during the Clements investigation. Both men already had previous arrest warrants from unrelated cases and are described as armed and dangerous. They may also be heading out of state, according to the El Paso County Sheriff's Office.

The investigation has also uncovered more evidence of Ebel's association with gangs like the 211 Crew, and his long-running hatred of prison officials. Police have confiscated a 2006 letter written by Ebel when he was jailed for earlier crimes, in which he fantasized about torturing and killing prison guards who tormented him. The letter, which was written to a female inmate at another facility, suggested she memorize the names and addresses of the guards so that they could find them after they were released. The letter was signed with a swastika. 

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Police are still looking into the possibility that the murder of Clements maybe related to the shootings of two district attorneys in Texas, since all three attacks appear to have connections to white supremacist gangs. Unfortunately, police in Texas are no closer to making an arrest or charging a suspect in those crimes, though they have offered a $200,000 reward for information.

The case also doesn't appear to be related to other recent shootings involving law enforcement officers. On Tuesday, a district attorney and her police officer husband shot and killed an intruder in their Colorado home, and on the other side of the country yesterday, a sheriff in West Virginia was killed in the parking lot of a local courthouse. His killer is still in the hospital after being shot by another deputy. Local officials believe that case may be related to local drug crimes, since Sheriff Eugene Crum had led a massive crackdown on dealers since taking office in January.

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