And the Best Anthony Weiner Tabloid Cover Goes to...

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On the 10th day of April, the news gods once again smiled down upon Gotham's tabloids and granted them a splendid gift: Anthony Weiner confirming his mayoral run and opening up about his sexy Twitter habit. And on the 11th day, the tabloid writers had finished their work and left it for all the world to see.

Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, are the subject of a much discussed new profile in the New York Times Magazine, which devotes over 8,000 words doubling down on the obvious: this guy is running for office again, and he's ready to talk to the world again. Indeed, outside his home Wednesday afternoon, Weiner told a whole gaggle of reporters that he didn't have much to add beyond what was in the magazine profile but that he would be "glad to sit down with each of you individually sometime next week." In the meantime, then, we'll leave it to the papers....

amNewYork: We'll give New York's free subway daily a +7 for Photoshopping in a cellphone. But it gets -2 points for not using any of Weiner's embarrassing selfie photos inside of it. And -3 because there are better headlines out there than "REALLY?" Total score: 2

Metro: C'mon guys. You're giving Ashley Tisdale a bigger lead than a disgraced pol running for mayor? That's a -10 for New York's other subway giveaway right there. "Just got interesting" is the best you got? That's another -5 for, uh, phoning it in. Total score: -15

New York Post: There's really nothing to add here. "Stiff competition" and "Long Hard Road..."?  You've really outdone yourselves here, guys. Top-notch work. Total score: Take the week off. 

New York Daily News: Thank you for reminding us that there's more important news out there today.

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