Women in the Senate, Stop-and-Frisk, and the Best Hair in March Madness

A summary of the best reads found behind the paywall of The New York Times.

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Top Stories: With more female Senators than ever on Capitol Hill, "women have morphed from the curiosity they were for much of the 20th century into an important new force on key committees and legislation."

World: The horrendous pollution in China has given way to a dirty situation where "infighting within the government bureaucracy is one of the biggest obstacles to enacting stronger environmental policies."

U.S.: In what is "the largest group of campuses to be shut down at one time by a city in recent memory," Chicago is shutting down 54 public schools.

New York: A recording between a patrol officer and his commanding officer suggests that skin color was a factor in street stops.

Technology: Lockheed Martin is now " becoming the first company to use quantum computing as part of its business."

Science: The European Space Agency released an image that's a "a heat map of the cosmos as it appeared only 370,000 years after the Big Bang," which is called the "most exquisite baby picture yet of the universe."

Sports: There's a March Madness war of words brewing between players from Ole Miss and Wisconsin player over a big head of red hair.

Opinion: Mary L. Dudziak on the connection between the Obama and Nixon presidencies.

Books: Willa Cather's mysterious interior life will be revealed with the publication of 566 letters that have survived.

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