'What Is the Deal With Donald Trump?' Or With Buzz Bissinger?

Those ever-droll Scots strike again.

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I mentioned earlier today that our new Atlantic issue has a lot of very strong stories. One of them, by William D. Cohan, is a delightful profile of America's favorite birth-certificate skeptic, under the title "What Exactly Is Donald Trump's Deal?"

A friend in Scotland sent a photo of this front page from the Daily Record, about Trump's latest dispute with the Scottish government. You'll appreciate it all the more after reading Cohan's article. I have seen this particular "hell toupee" news-headline pun popping up in different places over the years, but this rendition offers a nice words/picture combo.

Speaking of "What Exactly Is the Deal?", I have gone back and forth about Buzz Bissinger's extended "shopaholic" confession in GQ. This is either one of the most subtly skillful and elaborate April Fool's Day hoaxes anyone has ever pulled off ... or one of the most unintentionally embarrassing, you-have-to-turn-away-because-it's-cruel-to-keep-watching acts of unaware self-humiliation anyone has ever committed. Because I so greatly admire Bissinger's A Prayer for the City -- yes, even more than Friday Night Lights -- I am really hoping it's the former. And, 51-49, betting that way too.

Photo of Bissinger, after a (spoofed? this can't really be true?? can it???) leather-pants buying spree, from GQ below.