Two Years of Syrian War, Mental Health and School Violence, and Holly Golightly

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Top Stories: Lake Erie is "sick" with a toxic algae, and the spring rains will "reliably predict how serious the summer algae bloom will be: the more frequent and heavy the downpours, the worse the outbreak."

World: With the spring comes the end to the second year of conflict in Syria, with "battles, like this one, where the Damascus-Aleppo highway crosses an open agricultural plain in the south of Idlib Province."

U.S.: Los Angeles' School Threat Assessment Response Team is "one of the most intensive efforts in the nation to identify the potential for school violence and take steps to prevent it" and a model for how to deal with threats of violence and mental health problems.

New York: Following an undercover sting, gun show operators in New York "have agreed to new procedures to ensure that criminal and mental health background checks are conducted on buyers."

Business: ​A new study finds that younger generation is not making money at the same pace as their parents.

Sports: Liberty, despite starting out 0-8, made its way to the N.C.A.A. Tournament.

Opinion: Martín Caparrós on the effect of Pope Francis' election on Argentina: "The fact that 'one of us' is now sitting on St. Peter’s throne may have a huge effect on the weight of Catholicism on our lives."

Theater: With Holly Golightly back on Broadway her legacy is still going strong.

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