Suicide in Afghanistan, Papal Smoke, and Rat Sterilization

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Top Stories: The suicide of two Afghan sisters over a conflict over a boy, brings to light "a larger crisis: an intensifying wave of suicide attempts."  

World: Just how the smoke during the papal conclave gets colored "remains a bit of a mystery."

U.S.: Detroit's financial crisis was "decades in the making, a trail of missteps, of trimming too little, too late, of hoping that deep-rooted structural problems would turn out to be cyclical downturns that might melt away as the economy picked up."

New York: The MTA is discussing rat sterilization.

Business: In Italy, where austerity has led to recession, "businesses of all  sizes have been going belly up at the rate of 1,000 a day over the  last year."

Science: With the winner of the Intel Science Talent Search contest announced tonight, a look at four finalists and their projects

Sports: The Yankees are turning to unlikely frugality with a spending ceiling

Opinion: Emily Bazelon on bullying.

Dance: Lincoln Center's David H. Koch Theater is " the perfect place in which to let the dances add up after the curtain falls, and to mull over the connections between one work and another" during Paul Taylor's season.

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