Sorry, Chocolate Might Cause Acne After All

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Just in case you were thinking of enjoying the tasty gifts bestowed upon you by the Easter bunny, the BBC would like you to keep in mind that they might ruin your beautiful face.

"Does chocolate give you spots?" asks the headline of this article. (English people call zits "spots," because they're classier than us even when it comes to acne vulgaris.)

On this question, an influential 1969 study indicated that it didn't. Instead of letting this fantastic finding stand, researchers who hate a more happy order of things questioned the methodology, as well as the fact that the study was "made possible through the Chocolate Manufacturers' Association of the United States of America."

Sadly, more recent research has shown the there may well be a connection between the amount of chocolate you eat and the prevalence of pimples on your skin. Fun-hating med student Samantha Block has done two studies on small groups of men aged 18-35. In both, she found that chocolate consumption seemed to make her subjects' acne worse.

The article points out that Block's latest findings are currently being reviewed for publication in a science journal, which means that "science has not, to date, shown conclusively that chocolate - pure or impure, in bar-form or egg-shaped - causes acne." 

Which means that, come Sunday, those of us with full Easter baskets should feel free to eat away.


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