Reuters Employee Facing Hacking Charges Suspended

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Matthew Keys, the journalist indicted for allegedly helping hackers from Anonymous access the website of the Los Angeles Times, has been suspended by Thomson Reuters, but he's back on Twitter.

Gerry Smith of the Huffington Post reports that Thomson Reuters confirmed Keys' suspension earlier today. The suspension went into effect last night, not long after the story broke.

The first indicators that Reuters was taking disciplinary action against Keys may have come, oddly enough, from Reuters reporters covering the story. According to the updated version of Reuters story reported by Joseph Menn and Dan Levine, filed shortly after midnight:

The company did not comment on Keys's employment status. However, a Thomson Reuters employee at the New York office where Keys worked said that his work station was being dismantled and that his security pass had been deactivated.

True to form, Keys returned to social media soon after the news broke. The first tweet he shared was this one, which he retweeted.

Shortly afterward, he tweeted this.

It wasn't clear, at first, what "I found out" was meant to refer to. As New York magazine noted, Keys certainly knew an investigation was underway.

[I]t seems the prolific tweeter has known that he was under investigation for at least several months. FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller has confirmed to Daily Intelligencer that the agency executed a search warrant on Keys's home in Secaucus, New Jersey in early October 2012.

Eimiller said evidence related to the case was seized during the search, although she could not comment on the specific items recovered.

Keys confirmed that he knew an investigation was underway in a tweet this morning.

However, as noted by Gizmodo, Keys indicated in a chat with a friend on Wednesday that he suspected something would shortly happen. "I don't even know if I have much longer here," he apparently wrote. "Think my days are number[ed]." His friend suggested he not be paranoid. Keys responded, "I'm not being paranoid."

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