Obama's Drone Budget, the Algorithm's Wingman, and Tiger Woods

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Top Stories: The mandatory budget cuts are a way for Obama to make military reductions that "could easily exceed those mandated by sequestration, as the cuts are called, and leave room for the areas where the administration believes more money will be required" — namely a drone buildup, the development of cyberweapons, and a a renewed focus on Special Operations.

World: The main divide in the papal conclave is between the "the Romans" and the "reformers," but the latter group is the one that wants an Italian.

U.S.: Oakland, "the most violent city in California," is being partitioned into five policing districts each led by a captain that will focus on community policing.

New York: As she kicked off her mayoral campaign, Christine Quinn is "hoping to evoke an earlier era of hands-on, heart-on-the-sleeve leadership as she courts voters and works to distinguish herself from Mr. Bloomberg, who remains a close political ally."

Business: Online course companies like CreativeLive are tapping into the market that wants to learn  and hone their creative skills.

Technology: Even as algorithms grow in usage, humans are more often needed behind the scenes.

Sports: Tiger Woods is playing like his old self.

Opinion: Bill Keller on Bradley Manning and the Times.

Television: Gilbert Gottfried, the outrageous comedian, is shy when it comes to his personal life.

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