Museum Guards, Swallowed Alive by the Subway System, a Basketball Dynasty

A summary of the best reads found behind the paywall of The New York Times.

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Top Stories: Profiles of museum guards who "speak with obvious passion about the exhibitions, as well as the visitors, for which they feel responsible."

World: Obama said at press conference with Netanyahu that if chemical weapons were found in Syria that would be a "game changer."

Politics: A portrait of the young opponents of same-sex marriage, who are trying to reframe their fight.

New York: Saving a Second Avenue subway worker from the earth that seemed to swallow him from was "an extraordinarily challenging rescue, the likes of which the Fire Department has rarely faced."

Business: Single parenthood may explain the decline in men's earnings and increase in women's.

Sports: The Tinkle family, with ties to Montana, Stanford, and Gonzaga, are somewhat of a basketball dynasty.

Opinion: Peter Manseau on marriage in the priesthood.

Music: Albums from country up-and-comers Ashley Monroe and Kacey Musgraves are "acidic and beautiful."

Fashion & Style: Justin Timberlake's fashion transformation: a "teenage heartthrob in a knit cap and kicks transformed into a new Cary Grant" out of Tom Ford's playbook.

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