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Here, for your entertainment-only, non-gambling purposes, are the top NCAA bracket picks from a slew of experts: Nate Silver of 538, the collected wisdom of CBS Sports, and the Vegas odds. If you haven't yet filled out your bracket, you're in luck; if you have, there may still be time to log in/cajole/wail furiously and make some changes. (Update, Thursday: Time's up, but you can see how the predictors did in The 2013 Atlantic Wire Bracket of Celebrity/Pundit Bracket Predictions.)

The experts:

Expert: Nate Silver, of FiveThirtyEight
Why you should trust him: Because the guy called the presidential results, down to the state.
Why you shouldn't: Because he also picked the Niners to win the Super Bowl.
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Expert: Users at
CBS creates a bracket that is the average of all of the brackets submitted to the site.
Why you should trust them: In theory, the collected wisdom of the American people should yield better-than-average results. It's the idea behind the prediction market, sort of — get a bunch of people to take a financial stake and the most likely outcome should surface.
Why you shouldn't: Two reasons: One, the word "should" above. Two, it's still early, and some of the smarter experts may not have filled out brackets yet.
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Expert: Vegas
Why you should trust them: Because there's a lot of money at stake — more every minute.
Why you shouldn't: Two reasons: One, see "Users at", above. The Vegas odds are basically like the CBSSports results, except among people who don't know how to use computers. And, two, these odds are very early.
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Expert: The NCAA
The NCAA rankings are themselves a sort of bracket-filling, so we included them.
Why you should trust them: You shouldn't. Well, that's not fair. Historically, teams ranked higher tend to win. But they don't always. And while picking the higher-ranked team in each contest will almost certainly get you in the top ten percent in your office pool (which you shouldn't have, because it's illegal), it's also what the people who know nothing about the NCAA do, and no one wants to be like them.
Why you shouldn't: See above.
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And now, the brackets. Click on the bracket you want to see. (The 538 bracket includes the odds Silver provides for each team in each round.)

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Louisville (1)
NC A&T / Liberty (16)
Colorado St (9)
Missouri (8)
Oklahoma St (5)
Oregon (12)
New Mexico St (13)
Saint Louis (4)
Michigan St (3)
Valparaiso (14)
MTU /Saint Mary's (11)
Memphis (6)
Creighton (7)
Cincinnati (10)
Albany (15)
Duke (2)

Gonzaga (1)
Southern (16)
Wichita St (9)
Pittsburgh (8)
Wisconsin (5)
Ole Miss (12)
Boise St / La Salle (13)
Kansas St (4)
New Mexico (3)
Harvard (14)
Belmont (11)
Arizona (6)
Notre Dame (7)
Iowa St (10)
Iona (15)
Ohio State (2)

Kansas (1)
WKU / (16)
Villanova (9)
North Carolina (8)
VCU (5)
Akron (12)
South Dakota St (13)
Michigan (4)
Florida (3)
Northwestern St (14)
Minnesota (11)
UCLA (6)
San Diego St (7)
Oklahoma (10)
Florida Gulf Coast (15)
Georgetown (2)

Indiana (1)
LIU/ JMU (16)
NC State (9)
Temple (8)
UNLV (5)
California (12)
Montana (13)
Syracuse (4)
Marquette (3)
Davidson (14)
Bucknell (11)
Butler (6)
Illinois (7)
Colorado (10)
Pacific (15)
Miami (2)

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