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The Supreme Court justices may not have left too much for the tea-leaf readers Tuesday on what may or may not end up being a landmark decision, but taking up two gay marriage cases this week certainly brought out a party. And after days of waiting in rough weather, the people flooding the high court's steps on Day One made for a scene that was part gay-pride event, part protest, and full of characters. Looking at the images from Washington, D.C., it seems like the folks behind the striking down of Proposition 8 at least came away with an emotional victory on camera and on social media.

One familiar face who showed up at the front of the line Tuesday morning was director Rob Reiner. He paid a guy to wait at the front of the line for him, but Reiner was also the one responsible for hiring liberal lawyer David Boies and conservative attorney Ted Olson — the two legends of the Supreme Court who squared off over the Bush v. Gore ruling but came together to argue against Prop. 8. 

Anyway, here is Reiner hanging out early this morning: 

And this guy wants the old fogey Supreme Court judges to get hip with the motto

This supporter is so optimistic

This guy easily won the day's costume contest

His sign allegedly reads, "I bet hell is fabulous":

This "gay agenda" got a lot of love on social media because, gay or straight, who in their right mind doesn't kind of still love Rachel Maddow?

We support the matching bow ties on these two gay marriage supporters: 

How could Scalia, or Alito, or Roberts, or any Supreme Court judges say no to this dog? Really, though? Look at the snout on this schnauzer:  

Speaking of Maddow, this person has a request for the MSNBC host: 

This is a two-for-one! You can choose which sign you like better: the impatient, rainbow painted California; or the one that's a collection of things the U.S. has gotten wrong over history: 

Of course, the anti-gay marriage crowd had some signs out, too. We should make sure they're represented here. Marvel at the creativity these people showed. This must have taken them hours:

This one, though, is almost unanimously the best sign of the day. Your counter-argument is now invalid: 

You listening, SCOTUS? Be careful you don't incur the wrath of Dumbledore's army.

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