False Equivalence Watch, Steubenville Edition

Who was the real victim of that notorious rape?

You can consider this a kind of open-letter response to the many, many emails that have come in about the video below. This clip displays quite an astonishing sample of "false equivalence" framing by the press -- but one that has nothing to do with budget policy, the filibuster, or any of those tired old warhorse topics. 

Watch this report from CNN on yesterday's Steubenville verdict and see if you can figure out who the real victims were in the aftermath of the rape there. If you're in a hurry, the passages from times 1:10-1:40 and 4:20-4:50 will give you the idea. (The Atlantic Wire covered this yesterday, with links to other discussion. But not yet with the false equivalence angle!)

UPDATE: Incredibly and yet inevitably, the Onion fully predicted this development.