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An attorney representing Jose Martinez says Disneyland has agreed to pay him $8,000 in damages after he was stuck on the famous "It's a Small World" ride for about 30 minutes in 2009.

Martinez was stuck in the ride's "Goodbye Room" after it broke down. While all the other passengers were evacuated, Martinez, who is paralyzed, remained stuck on the ride for what must have seemed like an eternity; the irritatingly catchy "It's a Small World" was playing on a loop the whole time. In addition to being wheelchair-bound, Martinez also suffers from panic attacks and high blood pressure.

“He was half in the cave of the ride and half out,” Martinez's attorney David Geffen (a different David Geffen than the man who brought us Donna Summer) said. “The music was blaring. They couldn’t get it to go off.”

Rather than calling firefighters to evacuate Martinez, Disneyland staffers waited for the ride to be fixed. It took three hours to medically stabilize Martinez at a Disneyland first aid station once he was rescued.

Suzi Brown, a Disnleyland spokeswoman, said the theme park believes it provided "appropriate assistance" to Martinez while the ride was shut down.

And in case his ordeal wasn't already enough, Martinez had to urinate the entire time he was trapped on the ride.

This is not the first time someone has been trapped on a ride at one of Disney's theme parks worldwide. In 2011, passengers on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World were stuck for two hours as the pirates continued yo-ho-hoing. And in 2003, one person was killed when several trains on Disneyland's Big Thunder Mountain ride derailed. There is in fact a message board dedicated to disgruntled guests sharing their nightmare stories about being stuck aboard Disney's world of dreams.

Martinez's $8,000 reward is for pain and suffering, as well as disability law violations. Disneyland claims those violations have since been fixed.

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