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If someone on the Internet told you they had experience jumping off bridges and surviving, would you believe that person? If someone on the Internet told you they had experience cooking and eating humans, would you believe that person? 

Most people would have enough common sense not to believe that person. Gilberto Valle — the NYPD cop who is on trial for allegedly planning to cook and eat a woman — does not have that common sense. Dale Bolinger is a British nurse who Valle met online, on a creepy sex fetish website called "darkfetishnet," and coached him with tips for kidnapping, raping and cooking women. Bolinger was arrested last week in his home for telling Valle about successfully killed and ate at least two women, and a 5-year-old boy, during their online conversations.  Bollinger went by names like "Moody Blues" and "MeatMarketMan" online, where he was supposedly Valle's mentor. Bolinger told Valle he had a "Haggis" recipe that worked well with human flesh, and advised eating women while they were still alive. Maybe it adds more flavor? Who knows. 

Bolinger doesn't know, that's for sure. (If you believe him.) After he was released from police custody, the nurse told the New York Post the things he claimed online were all a lie. He never ate women or a young boy. There is no recipe for human haggis. "None of this is real. It is all fantasy," Bolinger told the Post. The website advertises on its front page that everything is purely fantasy. Bolinger knew that; Valle didn't. Police searched Bollinger's lawn for human remains and came up with nothing. It seems Bollinger won't be charged with anything, so his role in this story is mostly over. He can now start repairing his personal and private life. His son was also arrested when police raided his home, just for living there, and now they aren't speaking. Oh, and his neighbors all know he goes on the Internet and talks about raping and eating women now. That might be tough to explain while waiting in line at the grocery store. 

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