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Of all the major northeastern cities, Boston got the worst of the storm. A car ban has been in effect since yesterday evening while nearly two feet of snow fell in some areas. But a Boston covered in snow and without any traffic sure brings in some amazing pictures. 

Around 400,000 are still without power while the city, and state, try to recover from the effects of one of the biggest storms in the state's history. There was one reported casualty: a boy who had been helping shovel out his driveway sat in a running car to stay warm and died from carbon monoxide poisoning. Logan airport recorded nearly 25 inches of snowfall, making this the 5th highest recorded snowfall total in its history. They even canceled tonight's Bruins game

It all started last night. The high winds and heavy snow contributed to this Reuters picture, which ended up on the front page of The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post and the Washington Post:

At first the storm gave way to some pretty beautiful landscape shots, like this one of Beacon street: 

Or this one, of Commonwealth Avenue:

But then by morning, weary shovelers were pretty tired of all the snow. You can only see the cars on this Beacon Hill street because their mirrors are showing:

A dog walker came along the same street eventually. Their feet seems to be level with the cars' doorhandles:

You have to dig out the world before you can dig out your car, though: 

This person was brave enough to head out into the cold, albeit covered from head-to-toe with a lotta layers on: 

And despite the car ban, some people still need to get around. It just means they need to switch to alternative transportation methods like this: 

Or a classical storm transportation method like this: 

Though the human chariot is our favorite: 

This person decided to watch the rest of the crazy people from the safety of a coffee shop:

And if you do have to go out today, do remember to bundle up tight: 

On the city's south side, the scenes captured in these Associated Press photos are even scarier. There used to be cars on this street. You can barely see them now; there are only snow drifts:

This is what it's like trying to dig out:

Or try another angle, one where you can see how far up the drifts go: well over this guy's head, and the rest of the snow is up to his chest: 

This person was thinking about going outside, but then they said, "NOPE." 

This is the view from the top of the Prudential Center

Stay safe out there, everyone.

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