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Wesleyan University, the private liberal arts college that gave birth to MGMT, Wells Tower, and the guy who owns Politico, might want to think twice about celebrating the school's Senior Cocktails party at a science museum. According to the Wesleyan gossip blog Wesleying and a local TV news station, a bunch of Wesleyan seniors were kicked out of the Connecticut Science Center this past weekend after some of them were caught having sex and consuming drugs in a bathroom, vomiting over a stairwell railing, and mounting a (possibly animatronic) dinosaur. Soon Wesleying reproduced several portions of the incident report written up by the museum's staff:

1. “Wesleyan student removed from the 6th floor for riding the dinosaur.”

2. “Wesleyan student fell down the up escalator. And continued falling as if in a perpetual motion machine.”

Today the TV station WTNH confirmed those reports after speaking to several Wesleyan students with knowledge of the bacchanal, one of whom told the station, "It was kind of a questionable plan to bring a bunch of people to a science museum where there is definitely drinking going on." Yes. Yes it was. As for the dinosaur from which a student was apparently retrieved, here's a video of the actual exhibit:

Then again, perhaps this was to be expected. Remember "Time to Pretend" This is our decision, to live fast and die young. ♫ We've got the vision, now let's have some fun. 

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