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Call it the "Chick-fil-A" effect. Virginia Beach pizza-shop owner Jay Laze is offering a 15 percent discount to anyone who brings in a gun — or concealed handgun permit — to his All Around Pizzas and Deli restaurant, which instantly grabbed the attention of gun-rights advocates across the country. "[I]t's been awesome," Laze told The Virginian Pilot, which adds that 80 percent of customers since the discount went into effect on Friday have been gun-toting customers — AK-47 and all, apparently. The Associated Press adds that the promotion has been so successul that Laze, a proud gun owner who has given at least one discount for an AK-47 in his shop, may make it permanent.

And, well, it wouldn't be the first time in the past year that the owner of fast-food joint rode his political views to an outpouring of customer love. The local pizza sales are not unlike the national outpouring of support — and record sales — since Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy confirmed his company's opposition to gay marriage. The support from Virginia pizza eaters is probably more important to Laze's business, but gun-rights supporters everywhere are praising his move as gun legislation continues to rattle around Washington. Just check out All Around Pizzas's Facebook page and you'll get message after message like this: 

Of course, you can't have a debate about AK-47s and cheap pizza without the counter-argument that all these guns, beers, and pepperonis combine into a terrible message to send to pizza eaters nationwide. And if you look at a recent Yelp reviews (the restaurant only has eight as of this writing), it appears that the discount has soured one Paul M. from Silver Spring, Maryland:

To be fair, the reviews on All Around Pizza were mixed even before the discount — though we'll be the first to admit that saving a few dollars here or there can make bad pizza taste a lot better. No word yet if the AK-47 does. 

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