Sheryl Sandberg's New Glass Ceiling, Feuding Kenya, and the NFL's Brain Test

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Top Stories: With the publication of her manifesto Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg is trying to create "a national discussion of a gender-problem-that-has-no-name, this time in the workplace, and a movement to address it."

World: Kenya's election has ignited longstanding "vicious ethnic clashes" between the Pokomo and Orma.

U.S.: The insurance insurance new role in gun ownership goes is contentious even though both sides agree on an increased presence.

New York: The Kentile Floors sign in Brooklyn, despite persistent rumors of it being torn down, is beloved.

Sports: Football players at the NFL scouting combine are facing a new test "designed to determine and quantify the nebulous qualities that coaches have long believed make the most successful players," replacing the outdated Wonderlic Personnel Test.

Opinion: Mohsin Hamid on how "at the heart of Pakistan's troubles is the celebration of the militant."

Art & Design: The Metropolitan Museum of Art's new exhibit "Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity" may seem, from its title, like it panders, but Roberta Smith says it "is neither your father's Impressionist blockbuster nor a focus group's."

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