Sex Offenders in Southampton, Farewell to Muzak, Pigeons

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Top Stories: In Southhampton, about 40 sex offenders live in two trailers where they are stuck because "in large part because Suffolk County, like many jurisdictions, has in recent years passed laws that bar convicted sex offenders from living near schools, day care centers and other places with children."

World: When Washington had concerns about General Moisés García Ochoa's rise in Mexico, America stepped in, giving a "rare glimpse into the United States government’s deep involvement in Mexican security affairs."

Politics: An upcoming conflict for Democrats and Republicans: a Democratic push on facilitating voting and registration.

New York: The "Who's Who of the New York that Mr. Koch led for three terms" attended Ed Koch's funeral, where the organ at Temple Emanu-El played "New York, New York> '

Business:  A requiem for Muzak: the name which has "long part of the American vernacular, if sometimes as the butt of jokes — will be retired this week as part of a reorganization by its owner, Mood Media."

Science: Even though biologist have abandoned interest in pigeons, now "scientists are following Darwin’s example by using the birds to find clues to the way evolution works in general."

Sports: Jacoby Jones' mother was celebrated Monday morning after her son scored two touchdowns in a Super Bowl that marked a return to his hometown.

Opinion: David Brooks on data.

Books: Despite similarities to her life, Jamaica Kincaid says her new novel is not about her.

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