Obama and the Brain, Ireland for Breezy Point, and LeBron's Stand

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Top Stories: The Obama administration is planning a long-term project to examine at the human brain.

World: In Kabul's "Car Guantánamo" automobiles languish after getting in trouble with the Kabul traffic police.

U.S.: A Supreme Court case about Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act
which "contends that the provision has outlived its purpose of protecting minority voters in an era when a black man has been re-elected to the presidency" is set to be argued.

New York: Hurricane Sandy's destruction of Breezy Point, a community with Irish roots, has in turn become "something of a popular cause in Ireland."

Technology: Silicon Valley is looking at online gambling as their next big business.

Sports: LeBron James' participation in his union this weekend was a rarity among the league's stars.

Opinion: Paul Krugman on minimum wage.

Music: The Metropolitan Opera's new Parisfal is " pervasively and intentionally gloomy" according to Anthony Tommasini.

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