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Top Stories: In the State of the Union raising the minimum wage was "the most tangible of a raft of initiatives" the president laid out.

World: In the face of scandals, Benedict XVI believed that "only a new pope, one with far greater energies than he, could lead a global church and clean house inside the hierarchy at its helm." 

Politics: Richard W. Stevenson writes that in his State of the Union Obama was also making an argument for a "shift away way from the focus on shrinking the government" and a movement toward a "more activist agenda." 

New York: As Cory Booker eyes his seat, 89-year-old Senator Frank R. Lautenberg "has embraced his job with new vigor." 

Business: Silicon Valley is fighting for changes in immigration law

Sports: Banana Joe, an affenpinscher, was named Best in Show at Westminster, and even after his victor he was calm and "didn’t appear to need any celebratory drinks or snacks." 

Opinion: The Times editorializes on the State of the Union

Music: A Brazilian songwriter Carlinhos Brown is trying to get Salvador to create Afródromo, a parade for the Afro-Brazilian drum groups blocos afro, as "the prime-time face of carnaval is almost entirely white." 

Dining & Wine: Pete Wells reviews Aska in Williamsburg, where "a common ingredient is made unfamiliar, a transformation the kitchen pulls off again and again." 

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