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The feline token has beat out fellow newcomers like the robot and the guitar, and will be replacing the unloved iron as the newest game piece in the classic board game, Monopoly. The winning token was announced this morning, which Hasbro says was based on the result of thousands of Internet votes.

We think the robot was robbed. We don't have any allegiance to any one token, but if you look at Today's live poll from when this contest was announced, you'll notice the people really loved robot and even the helicopter, much more than the cat.

And if you look at the Facebook poll conducted by Monopoly, asking "What do you think will be revealed as the newest Monopoly token tomorrow?" robot had a clear lead: 

According to Today,  Monopoly says it counted hundreds of thousands of votes. So it is possible that Today's poll and Monopoly's own Facebook poll are just outliers? But clearly, the robot had an undeniable palpable love of the people. The next time we play Monopoly, we're clearly picking the dog. 

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