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Update 3:02 p.m.: Poynter reports the Knight Foundation paid Lehrer $20,000 for his speaking arrangement today. 

Original: Jonah Lehrer is sorry for re-using old blog posts at The New Yorker; for inventing Bob Dylan quotes in his book Imagine; and for plagiarizing press releases at Wired. In the first public appearance since he resigned from The New Yorker in July 2012, the popular science author gave a meandering speech today at the Knight Foundation's annual Media Learning Seminar in Miami. Peppering his delivery with references to Charles Darwin and other thinkers, Lehrer compared his personal and professional failings with those of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and its botched arrest of Brandon Mayfield. (Jim Romenesko, who first reported on Lehrer's content duplication, has the text of his opening remarks.) Adding to the spectacle of his public apology, Lehrer was flanked by a live feed of tweets reacting to him:

Said tweets were critical:


Some were defensive:


And some were meta:


The Q&A session that followed Lehrer's speech drew even more ire. The audience focused on Lehrer's suggestion that his higher-than-average IQ explained his propensity to lie:

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