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Someone took Sheriff Joe Arpaio's credit-card information and went on a supermarket sweep spending at a Jewel store $291 in Chicago — a city that the notorious Arizona lawman says he hasn't visited in many years, and the home of one of the Maricopa County boss' favorite people to investigate, President Obama. And unlike his obsession with Obama's birth certificate, it sounds like America's Toughest Sheriff might actually take it easy on this slightly less important fraudster.

"Discover alerted the sheriff about the problem and he has since canceled the card," reports the CBS affiliate in Phoenix. "He says if he finds out the people responsible were struggling, he may not press charges." Well, that's nice of him. Just last week, Arpaio sounded a lot harsher, as usual, when it came to the topic of amnesty and Obama's new immigration-reform policy, saying: "And where’s the fairness here? Why do you want to give amnesty to those people that came across our border illegally?" So, yeah, we're not even going to try and pretend to understand Arpaio's sliding scale of moral law-breaking.  

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