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The Northeast could get hit with a lot of snow in the coming days, in the form of a potentially huge winter storm named Nemo. (Yes, Nemo.) Flights are being canceled. People are headed to grocery stores. Students in Boston are not going to school. And the Internet and cellphones are telling us to prepare as only the Internet and cellphones can these days. Some examples: 

The Weather Channel's Warning

Though preparation is important, the Weather Channel's declaration on its homepage quickly turned into Twitter jokes. 

The Phone Alert
There was something slightly 1984-ish about the warning some people got via their phones: 

Slate explains these were sent via the Wireless Emergency Alert system that was implemented in April 2012. It didn't reach everyone, though: "the discrepancy is merely a matter of which phones have been outfitted by their carriers to display the alerts" 

Get Your Cash
Looking at Bank of America's actual tweet about hitting the cash machine before the storm, it doesn't seem that alarmist. (This is actually a good tip if things are going to be really bad.)

Fun with Numbers
They're at least trying to make snow preparation enjoyable: 

Bonus: The Obligatory Finding Nemo Joke
Bonus bonus: it's from the man who voiced the fish who was actually looking for Nemo. 





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