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As of a Wednesday afternoon, the authorities had no hard new information as to the whereabouts of Christopher Dorner, the ex-LAPD officer who allegedly killed three people and then definitely sent most of Southern California into a massive panic/manhunt that stretched across, well, most of Southern California. But they sure had plenty of leads! And local media outlets sure did report plenty of sightings of men who looked like Dorner, or had cars like Dorner... or something. Because when you're seeing that kind of sign (pictured at right) on pretty much every freeway in town, and he's being called "the Most Wanted Man in America," well, there are going to be a lot of tips.

Basically, there's a lot of "reportedly" out there when it comes to this guy — from Big Bear ski resort in the San Bernardino Mountains, to 150 miles away from there in San Diego just an hour or two later, and most recently to the Los Angeles county jail. And, no, he wasn't there either. But given that Dorner is still on the lam — and that his haunting Facebook manifesto suggests he continues to pose a real-life threat — local and state police continue to take every sighting seriously, fake or not, and they've responded to at least three calls from witnesses in the past 18 hours as the second day of their manhunt presses on.

We entered every major Dorner spotting on this interactive Google Map, just to show you how far and wide police have responded to false sightings and actual appearances — and to remind you Southern California residents that, no, you're not going crazy:

View Dorner's Sightings in California/The Atlantic Wire in a larger map

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