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As the manhunt for Christopher Dorner, the ex-LAPD officer wanted for three murders, now stretches to Mexico and possibly involves an accomplice, Southern California residents have a new message turned meme: Don't Shoot Me, I'm Not Chris Dorner. It's a half-sarcastic, half-wake-up-call response to very serious mistakes by the police in their chase — the LAPD fired upon two Hispanic women and Torrance police fired on a caucasian man, all of whom were driving pickup trucks the cops thought were similar to the vehicle they believed Dorner to be driving. (Neither of the victims' vehicles were charcoal — the color Dorner's truck was described to be — but we digress). This whole thing might be pretty funny if, you know, people weren't spotting random black guys in and around L.A. and ID-ing them to the cops as Dorner — and if the LAPD (accused by Dorner himself of so much corruption and mistaken police work) weren't firing on innocent people who don't even match Dorner's description.

Alas, there are DIY t-shirts:

And this polite truck driver: 

And there are entrepreneurs, including this shirt on eBay:

And this one:

And you can, of course, buy bumper stickers:

Meanwhile, the many false Dorner sightings now stretch to across the border to a Tijuana hotel. "The Hotel Tapatio was searched by more than 20 officers. No evidence of Dorner was found on the property, but officers responded quickly after someone reported seeing Dorner at the hotel," reports 10 News, an ABC affiliate in San Diego, which adds that authorities believe Dorner might be working with an accomplice: 

According to the document, U.S. marshals had been tracking the movements of a known associate of Dorner's, who was referred to as "J.Y."

A family member of J.Y. owns residential property in Arrow Bear, which is near Big Bear. While conducting surveillance on the property, authorities found a vehicle nearby matching Dorner's Nissan Titan. 

For what it's worth — and it's probably for the best right now — there's no word on what this alleged accomplice may look like.

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