Chris Dorner's Happy Hostages Reveal the Clues of a Manhunt

After they say they were stalked, bound, gagged, and tied up by the most wanted man in America, Jim and Karen Reynolds seem to be doing ... fine. They also have a lot of answers about the last hours of the manhunt.

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After they say they were stalked, bound, gagged, and tied up by the most wanted man in America, Jim and Karen Reynolds, a couple married for over 36 years, seem to be doing ... fine. ABC News has video footage of the couple's late-night press conference, in which they appeared pretty nonchalant about the whole ordeal but revealed a lot about Christopher Dorner's last days:

Jim, 66, and Karen, 56, were some of the only people who came into contact with Chris Dorner in the past few days and lived to tell about it. And their insight gives us a glimpse into Dorner's mindset in the moments leading up to his fiery, still controversial death in the cabin where he had them held hostage for all of 15 minutes. One of the biggest takeaways from the Reynolds, per the L.A. Times, was Dorner's reassurance that he wasn't going to harm them:

I don’t have a problem with you. I just want to clear my name," they recalled him saying. 


"He tried to calm us down, saying very frequently, he would not kill us,” said Jim Reynolds, 66, who has owned the condo with his wife for 12 years. "He huddled down beside me and said 'you're going to be quiet, right? Not make a fuss and let me get away?' "

That surely doesn't mitigate the murders Dorner is wanted for, but all that stuff about clearing his name sounds like what Dorner said in his rambling, confessing Facebook manifesto — that he believes he was denied the opportunity to clear his name. Dorner wrote:

I know most of you who personally know me are in disbelief to hear from media reports that I am suspected of committing such horrendous murders and have taken drastic and shocking actions in the last couple of days. You are saying to yourself that this is completely out of character of the man you knew who always wore a smile wherever he was seen. I know I will be villified by the LAPD and the media.

Karen eventually broke loose and made the 911 call that alerted police that Dorner was driving their purple Nissan and setting off the chain of events which ended with a gunfight and Dorner apparently dying in the cabin.

Now that we know does Karen and Jim are fine, and that Karen's phone call was integral in the manhunt, one of the next questions is if either of them is entitled to the $1 million reward that was placed on Dorner's head. The Los Angeles Times's writes:

Asked if they expected a share of the more than $1-million reward offered in the case, the couple said they didn't expect to receive anything.

"We heard nobody was getting that because he needed to be captured and convicted," Karen Reynolds said.

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