Chris Dorner Is Dead, Long Live Chris Dorner

Police finally and definitively identified the charred remains inside the Big Bear Mountain cabin as former cop and suspected cop killer Chris Dorner on Thursday evening. Let the martyrdom begin.

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Using dental records, police finally and definitively identified the charred remains inside the Big Bear Mountain cabin as former cop and suspected cop killer Chris Dorner on Thursday evening. Let the martyrdom begin.

The makings of a Chris Dorner truther movement have been in the works at least since the ex-LAPD officer posted a manifesto on Facebook and probably as far back as 2008, when Dorner was fired from the force for filing a false police report about a fellow officer using excessive force. Since the sometimes strange and always fascinating manhunt began in early February, the movement's only gained fans. Dorner's supporters believe that there's a conspiracy at play, one that began with him getting kicked out of the LAPD for reporting the truth about police brutality and ended with police intentionally setting fire to the cabin where he was hiding on February 12. (Police deny that the fire was set on purpose, despite audio recordings that suggest otherwise.) Now that Dorner is officially dead, they're starting to retaliate.

Even before authorities positively identified Dorner's remains, Anonymous was leading the charge and building support for an attack against the LAPD. In the early hours of Valentine's Day, the hacktivist collective threatened to launch cyber attack that would serve as a follow up to the attack last weekend when Anonymous took credit for crashing the LAPD website. They've even released one of those creepy warning videos — which have gotten pretty good, by the way — robotic narration and all. Anonymous calls this new effort Operation Dorner, but it's actually a continuation of a project that Anonymous endorsed at the end of 2011. Referred to as the "LAPD Dox," an anonymous hacker named CabinCr3w released a massive document that reportedly contained the names, home addresses, email addresses, education information, hobbies and other personal information for top-ranking LAPD officers. Nothing major happened when it was released just over a year ago, but Anonymous is circulating the document again.

There's also a strong chance that this controversy will simply disappear from the public eye. Chris Dorner was accused of killing police officers and definitely killed one officer in his last stand at the Big Bear cabin. Meanwhile, the LAPD claims it had nothing to do with the siege or the fire, placing the blame on the San Bernardino County Sheriff. So who do the Dorner truthers go after? The man, that's who. Local media are already filing doubts about Dorner's death away in the "Crazytown" category, and Anonymous isn't exactly the most dependable group of rabble rousers. The Facebook pages that gained thousands of fans supporting the former police officer are already starting to get upset about Dorner truthers posting their weird conspiracy theories.

Nevertheless, it's too soon to tell whether this is the end of an ordeal or the beginning of a bigger ordeal. That's up to the residents of Crazytown.

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