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So, after yesterday's Russian meteor, and the asteroid passing that could have leveled an entire city, we thought the brief "space stuff falling from the sky" trend was over. But that's not the case. The U.S. just needed to have its own meteor sighting.

Just before 8 p.m. in California's Bay Area, a meteor flashed a bright green flash and streaked across the night sky. The beautiful falling space rock could been seen in different cities across the Bay Area, from San Francisco, to Stockton, to Fresno, to Santa Clara, to Sacramento. There was no sonic boom, or broken glass, and thankfully everyone is safe. But there is a dash-cam video, and there are cool pictures

And you thought the U.S. competing with Russia ended with the Cold War. Ha!

Astronomers told ABC-7 and NBC Bay Area that California's flash of sky fire was likely "a sporadic meteor," or a routine occurrence of space debris falling from the sky. It usually happens somewhere over an ocean where we can't see it, though. So this is still unique!

But it is not related the asteroid that didn't hit us, or the Russian meteor. This one burned up before it could meet the earth, so there's nothing to worry about. You can take off your helmet, put that spatula down and come out from under your kitchen table. There are no metal robots about to start a war for control of the earth. (Unfortunately.) 

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