Broadway's Hollywood Dilemma, the End of the Death Penalty, and Chocolate

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Top Stories: Big name actors are so important to financing Broadway shows and selling tickets that they often have deciding power over bringing back revivals of plays not long gone in the first place.

World: Behind clashes in Egypt are street activists "who first burst into politics around the time of the Arab Spring revolt against Mr. Mubarak and say they are still fighting for its democratic goals."

U.S.: Kirk Noble Bloodsworth, who was exonerated by DNA after being sentenced to death, is trying to help Maryland abolish capital punishment.

New York: A corrections officer faces charges of sexual abuse after an affair with a prisoner who she was guarding ended up leaving her pregnant.

Business: Insurances companies are preparing for 2014, when Affordable Care Act requirements kick in.

Technology: Though it's fallen from its initial success, Zynga now "faces a critical test that will determine if even that sum is excessive: can it successfully put its most popular Web games, starting with Farmville, on mobile devices?"

Sports: After her spill, Lindsey Vonn plans to return to racing for the 2013-14 World Cup season and the 2014 Olympics though "numerous ski racers with multiple ligament tears have returned to the slopes in less than a year — although with mixed results.'

Opinion: Michael Kugelman on farmland.

Movies: BAM is having a retrospective of Richard Pryor's work in film, something that is often dismissed, but "Pryor delivered many superb, committed, often brief performances hidden in movies that were mediocre or worse."

Dining & Wine: With Valentine's Day coming up, Melissa Clark surveys the options of chocolate covered salted caramels.

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