Bloomberg's London, Derek Jeter, and the Oscar Race for the Dead

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Top Stories: Michael Bloomberg has a number of London projects in the works and the "buzz is so great that a chief aide to Prime Minister David Cameron impishly floated the idea of a Bloomberg candidacy, for mayor of London."

World: As jihadists' strength grew in Mali, so did smuggled arms from Mali which, "researchers said, suggested that weapons from Libya had changed the course of Mali’s war."

Politics: Representative from Rhode Island Jim Langevin, who is a quadriplegic after a gun-related accident, is now in the midst of the gun-violence debate.

New York: A Lutheran pastor apologized for participating in an interfaith service, which went against his faith's "prohibition against joint worship with other religions," following the Sandy Hook massacre.

Science: Humans link to other mammals was possibly the "roughly rat-size" Protungulatum donnae.

Sports: As Derek Jeter rehabilitates, fans wait to catch a glimpse of the man himself.

Opinion: David Brooks on Machiavelli and drones.

Movies: When it comes to the Oscars there's even a race to be included in the memorial list.

Arts & Design: Manifestations of love in art throughout New York City from the Metropolitan Museum of Art's "Sleeping Eros" to the Balto sculpture in Central Park.

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