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As anyone who has read Lucy Maud Montgomery's classic orphan tale Anne of Green Gables over the last 105 years can tell you, its protagonist is supposed to be a rather homely looking ginger. But the cover of an anthology (above) published in November on Amazon from Amazon's self-publishing arm CreateSpace has readers reaching peak dye-job hysteria right now. And rightfully so: Since when is Anne of Green Gables supposed to look like an Abercrombie & Fitch model?

Here's a sampling of some of the 162 single-star ratings — and counting — that the new version of the novel has garnered on its Amazon page since CreateSpace released it: 

And some users aren't too pleased with the modern new wardrobe of a book that was written... in 1908:

And, yes, there is a Michelle Williams comparison: 

Montgomery, of course, conjured Anne as a much younger girl than this newfound, self-published mockery, and she clearly has red hair. Here's evidence from the pages:

And one more passage:


Fans, understandably, want Anne to be pictured the way Montgomery wrote her — you know, more like this...


...or any of the other red-headed Annes depicted on covers throughout the novel's history.

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