Washington's Mali Dilemma, Joe Arpaio vs. Guns in Schools, and Inaugural Balls

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Top Stories: In deluged Brooklyn, businesses are still trying to get up and running after Sandy.

World: Despite the conflict in Mali, in Washington, officials "still have only an impressionistic understanding of the militant groups that have established a safe haven in Mali, and they are divided about whether some of these groups even pose a threat to the United States."

U.S.: In Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has put his "posse," which is "best known for its supporting role in the sheriff’s immigration raids," on the task of "safeguarding dozens of public schools."

New York: The "true roots" of the school bus strike in New York are "in an attempt to reform one of the most inefficient transportation systems in the country."

Business: The Federal Aviation Administration is grounding all Boeing 787s that are operated by the United States after a battery caught fire multiple times.

Health: A gross-sounding treatment—transplanting feces from a healthy person to a sick person—can help cure intestinal infections.

Sports: Though the British can get interested in the NBA, "domestic basketball on a professional level" in the country "often does not resonate much at all."

Opinion: Ricky S. Sehon writes about playing Osama bin Laden in Zero Dark Thirty.

Music: Jon Caramanica says ASAP Rocky has "become one of hip-hop’s brightest new stars by interpreting the Internet-fueled melding of tastes and influences that’s a given of modern life."

Arts: An auction of memorabilia sheds new light "without the glare of paparazzi flashbulbs and unrefracted by mirrored balls — on the celebrated if enigmatic" owner of these collectibles: Studio 54 co-founder Steve Rubell.

Fashion & Style: A "selective and highly curated list" of inauguration parties in D.C.

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