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A 15-year-old was arrested Sunday for allegedly killing a family Saturday evening just outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico, after using the weapon that's dominated much of the gun control conversation -- the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. 

(Update, Monday: What We Know About the Shooter, and His Plan to Shoot Up a Walmart)

Here's what we know for sure: a family of five was found dead in a house in a secluded area just outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico on Saturday night. The bodies included an adult male, and adult female, one juvenile male and two juvenile females . An unidentified 15-year-old was arrested and charged for killing all five people. Several weapons were found inside the house, including a military style assault rifle. Police officials wouldn't disclose any relation between the shooter and the family or any of the identities, either. 

Locally, KOB 4 reports the father's name is Greg Griego, a local pastor who works with the fire department, and the shooter's name is Nehemiah Griego. A neighbour told the Associated Press he "has seen a married couple and their two boys and two girls from time to time." KOB also reports police believe the shooter primarily used an AR-15 rifle, the same weapon used by James Holmes in Aurora, Colorado and Adam Lanza in Newtown, Connecticut.

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