Subway Attacker Says She Might Have Reconsidered If She Was High

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The lady who attacked a Hindu man on the subway for no apparent reason other than the fact that he was brown says she probably wouldn't have attacked the man if she was high that day. Erika Menendez told the New York Post that a man's death could have been avoided if she had smoked some weed on the day of her attack. "If I smoked a blunt that day, I wouldn’t have pushed him," Menendez said. 

Menendez approached Sunando Sen, a Queens shopkeeper, from behind and pushed him in front of an oncoming subway train on December 27. It was the second subway pushing in New York City that month. Menendez later told police it was an "attack against Muslims," revenge for 9/11. Sen was Hindu. Menenedez told the Post it wasn't the massive loss of life that made her so angry. "I’m mad because I liked the buildings," Menendez told them. She said she routinely attacked Muslims and Hindus after 9/11.

It's unclear what Menendez suffers from exactly, but we know she does have a history of violence and mental illness. She was reprimanded by a judge for smiling and laughing in court. She also became upset after seeing herself on a television so she decided to hit a corrections officer. She told the Post she stopped taking her prescribed medication because she didn't like the way it affected her. Instead, she smokes pot to self medicate. Menendez was declared fit for trial last week. 





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