Alleged Phoenix Shooter Fought with Dead Office CEO Over Building Cubicles

Police say they've found what appears to be the body of 70-year-old Arthur Douglas Harmon Harmon, the prime suspect in Wednesday's shooting in Phoenix, and there's a legal trail.

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The body of a 70-year-old Arizona man resembling Arthur Douglas Harmon (pictured right) was found dead in an Arizona parking lot this morning, local police say. (A car registered to him was found nearby.) Harmon is believed to have shot three individuals (one of whom died) yesterday in a Phoenix office building — coinciding, remarkably, with a Senate hearing on gun violence.

Details are thin at this at this point, but the Phoenix Business Journal reports that Harmon died of a "self-inflicted gunshot wound." Harmon worked as a contractor for Fusion Contact Centers, a call-center company, the office of which he apparently opened fire upon during an argument with the company's 48-year-old CEO, Steve Singer (who died yesterday from gunshot wounds). The Associated Press, which reported that Harmon was still at large this morning, discovered court documents showing the two men had reached an impasse over a large payment to Harmon, who had installed hundreds of cubicles in one of Fusion's call centers:

Fusion said Harmon was paid nearly $30,000 under the $47,000 contract. But the company asked him to repay much of the money when it discovered that the cubicles could not be refurbished, according to the documents. [...] Harmon argued Fusion hung him out to dry by telling him to remove and store 206 "worthless" work stations after the mix-up was discovered.

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