Meanwhile, in North Dakota, Gun Raffles Are the New Bake Sales

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Showing the least amount of self-awareness on guns this side of the NRA, the West Fargo Hockey Association in North Dakota decided it would be a great idea to raffle off 200 guns to raise money. Just when we thought gun-buyback programs were the feel-good story of the post-Newtown era, the folks over at Puck Daddy alerted us to this story.

The WFHA saw a 20 percent increase in membership this year, so they have a serious need for ice time, or even a new rink — a need they can't presently afford. So when they noticed that gun stores were selling out their stock in the wake of the Newtown shooting and proposed new regulations in Washington, they saw an opportunity. The NDHA went out and got a huge collection of guns — guns of different shapes, sizes, and calibers! — to raffle off. There are some rare ones, too! "More difficult ones are on here," WFDA rep. Cal Helgeson told Valley News Live. The hockey league hopes to raise $90,000 dollars when the raffle starts on March 15. If you don't really care for guns, a 2013 Polaris Ranger is the second-place prize. You won't be able to shoot anything with it, but at least you can go off-roading.

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