Iranian Bank Hackers, the Fate of the Dreamliner, and a Poetic Inauguration

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Top Stories: Recent online attacks on U.S. banks, which were responsible for "transforming the online equivalent of a few yapping Chihuahuas into a pack of fire-breathing Godzillas," are said to have originated in Iran.

World: In the now peaceful Helmand Province, where the battle against the Taliban raged two years ago, there are worries about "the ability of the Afghan government and security forces to maintain the security gains won by the huge American and British military effort here."

U.S.: Nashville, with trendiness that gave it clout in 2012, would be the place "on a Venn diagram...where conservative Christians and hipsters overlap."

New York: Asian-Americans are a growing power in philanthropy.

Business: Though there are high hopes for the Boeing 787, a fuel leak was only one of many recent setbacks.

Sports: The Baseball Hall of Fame now weighs including players connected to steroids but has a history of letting stars of the game with personal histories of bad behavior join its ranks.

Opinion: Ted Gup writes that the C.I.A. "invokes secrecy to serve its interests but abandons it to burnish its image and discredit critics."

Art & Design: Michael Kimmelman writes an appraisal of Ada Louise Huxtable.

Books: The inaugural poet, Richard Blanco, felt a "spiritual connection" with Obama.

Dining & Wine: The post-inauguration lunch will feature "sustainable, artisanal and local ingredients" and the menu will include lobster and bison.

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