San Jose Police Forced to Deal with Naked Man with a Samurai Sword

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Original post: Uh, so, no matter how bad your morning is going at least one man in San Jose has you beat. Police in San Jose are currently in a stand-off with a naked man brandishing a samurai sword. 

According to reports from NBC's Bay Area affiliate and ABC7 KGO-TV, police were called to a home in San Jose early monday morning after several people reported a man was standing outside the building with an assault rifle. The suspect got into his car and fled when he heard the sirens approaching. 

Police pulled him over a few blocks away, but instead of going peacefully and fully-clothed he exited his vehicle completely naked and brandishing what appears to be a samurai sword, all while yelling, "You're going to have to kill me!" He's now pacing back and forth and police are trying to convince him to put down the sword. The suspect's assault rifle and car were secured by police. 

Nothing is known about the identity of the man as of right now. There are also no pictures of the naked man with the samurai sword. 

The stand-off is still ongoing. We'll update here as it develops. 

Update: Almost immediately as this post was put up, ABC7 reports the man was taken into custody after a brief chase with police. We should have known this wouldn't last long. They do have guns, after all. 

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