Morsi's Anti-Semitism, Newtown Parents, and 'The Real Husbands of Hollywood'

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Top Stories: As Congress prepares to vote on another round of federal aid today, towns that suffered from Hurricane Sandy are in a "kind of paralysis" with heavy restrictions still imposed on many key areas.

World: Video has emerged of Mohamed Morsi in 2010 speaking "virulent" "anti-Semitic and anti-Western" rhetoric, putting his status as a moderate into question.

U.S.: Violence is up in San Bernadino, which fell into bankruptcy, though the city was once praised for its falling crime.

New York: Parents and relatives of Sandy Hook victims gathered to start a campaign to prevent any future instances like the massacre at their elementary school.

Technology: San Jose State University is teaming with an online course start-up in a move that could "open the door to teaching hundreds of thousands of California students at a lower cost via the Internet." Analysts say Facebook needs to get better at search.

Science: A team from America that set out to study lakes under Antarctic ice has the chance to ID "long-hidden microbes before the weather on the frigid continent puts an end to drilling in about a month."

Sports: Lance Armstrong admits doping to Oprah and has plans to testify against those who facilitated him.

Opinion: Vicki Huddleston on Mali.

Television: The Real Husbands of Hollywood, intended as a satire on reality television, is "actually a far more subtle commentary on the death of the black male romantic lead, a reminder of the limited options for black actors on television."

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